Friday, March 14, 2008

NEW from the DoodleFactory Country

Irene's been working over time doodling up another brand new set for all her doodle fans!

Our intention is to create a complete doodle universe for all her doodle guys. Here is the next of what will be several new releases. Kids and adults alike will enjoy these easy to color ultra cute images! All of her large scale images can work together for an infinite amount of versatility. You could just as easily use the chick and rabbits for Easter themes as you can for baby cards, or farm scenes. Or how about using the mail box in the urban set with the valentine dog? Build and expand your doodle world!

We have already posted this sheet on the website, but have yet to load the mounted and unmounted options (coming soon). These have an estimated starting ship date of March 27th.


Laura said...

no way!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! i am sure that you can hear me scream. Those are so GORGEOUS! I love it that there are buildings etc as well as I am really getting into creating scenes for my cards. Not so many stamps for it yet unfortunately. Must go order this one, too :)

Rose Ann said...

Oh my gosh!! I love these!! Must have. ;)

Heidi said...

AHHH! Crap, now I am going to have to buy a sheet! I absolutely love these though!! Great job Irene!

Sam Morris and Anne Jones said...

You know there's a striking resemblance between myself in the morning and Clara LOL!!

These are really great :)

Ana said...

Eeekk!! This are ADORABLE!!