Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Congrats to Mary Dawn, winner of our big blog candy giveaway!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of you who spread the word!
I know its not the same as winning but here is a discount code for you guys to use for your next new website order. It will take 10% off your purchases from now until Monday.

Enter this code in the discount code box in the shopping cart:


Click recalculate. You should see the code applied immediately.
If not, stop and email us: strvingartistmp@aol.com
do not finalize your order unless you see the discount applied!

Check back often, we are constantly adding new images and running new candy! Better yet sign up for blog updates and get notified automatically!

Also, a quick apology... I know I said I would post the winner on Monday but we ended up having a family emergency. My sisters father in law had a heart attack yesterday and so we needed to close shop so I could watch her 3 children and she could go to the hospital. It was a moderate heart attack and he had stents put in today. Hopefully everything is going to be ok but while everyone is going back and forth to the hospital we will be running with a skimpy crew. We are still filling orders and answering emails, its just taking a little bit longer.


Mary Dawn said...

thank you so much! those sentiments are hilarious, i'll get alot of mileage out of them indeed

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

YAY to mary dawn!! i hope everything goes ok with your sister's father-in-law. i'm sorry that happened. take care, sus

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mary. And, many prayers for your family!


Madeleine said...

Hope that your family is doing better now! take cate!

Colleen said...

Congrats Mary.

Sorry to hear about your SIL's father and I hope he is on the mends.

Thanks for the great blog candy give away.

GinaP said...

oh my, don't worry about not posting right away. I hope your sister's FIL is going to be okay.

Congrats MaryDawn!

Now I have to get some $$ together and use that discount. I seriously want those stamps!!!!

Rose Ann said...

A huge congratulations to Mary Dawn!!!

I'm so sorry about your sister's FIL. I hope everything is going well following the surgery.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw "DAWN" then I realized it was a different Dawn. okay...fine...I'm not the lucky Dawn today!

But I sure hope that your family finds comfort and peace in this time of distress!

Monica-FC said...

congrats mary dawn. hope your father in law is doing great. my dad died of a heasrt attack 3 years ago this july. we still miss him ourselves. heres to your father in law for great health in the future.:)