Tuesday, August 5, 2008


How cool is this... earlier this morning I got an email from the one and only Suze Weinberg, the rubber stamping, mixed media pioneer, author, and continually innovating Queen of UTEE from Suze Weinberg studios ( http://www.schmoozewithsuze.com/ )

When I first started going to stamp conventions I would see Suze at her trade show booth demonstrating all these fantastically original and utterly delicious melt art projects. I was in AWE. I had seen her on TV on the Carole Duvall Show, I had her books and now I got to see her in real life! Of course I snapped off a few photos of her demoing ( she even has a page in my scrapbook!)

So when years later I opened up my stamp business imagine my excitement when she became a retailer of ours! She carries our mini retro grout stamp in her wonderful online shop (http://www.smoozewithsuze.com/). Our stamp was featured in her latest DVD on Melt Art and now its featured in one of her several you tube video tutorials!

Suze has posted a whole bunch of cool informative videos on you tube that you really have to see! So check it out:

How to do the Cloisonne technique (pronounced Cloy-zen-a)

Thank you for sharing your videos with us Suze, and thank you for everything you have done to further the rubber Stamp hobby from a simple craft to true ART!


Dawn said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. =)

Vina said...

I love the retro grout stamp & it's limitless possibilities! I've never peeked in your backgrounds section so I'm glad you blogged about it! It will be part of my next order! Vina