Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Swedish Collage Challenge Cards!

Today is the day!

Its time to share the Swedish collage challenge cards!

We are really happy to see the nice turnout from our challenge. Id first like to share with you all the cards our design team came up with. I found it interesting how much of a challenge we all felt it was. When I first proposed this idea to our team I thought it would be a simple project, but it turns out being a free spirit doesn't come as easily to us over here as it does in Sweden! I think we definitely pulled it off though.

Easy or not you have to admire the cards our team and customers came up with!

Design Team Cards:

DT member Juliana Swanson

DT member Lydia Fiedler

DT Member Lori Tecler

My card -Tracey B.

This first card was my attempt at the Swedish collage style. I went thru a couple of "drafts" of this card. Eventually settling on this final version. I thought this was going to be my "warm up" card but time got away from me getting ready for shows and filling orders so this has turned out to be my only challenge card but definitely not my last Swedish collage style card!

DT member- Maria Levine

DT Member - Natasha Trupp

DT Member- RoseAnn Reynolds

DT member -Andrea Cloutier

DT Member - Donna Baker

DT member- Donna Duquette #1

DT member- Donna Duquette #2

And here are cards from our friends and customers:



Vanessa Yu

Rachel Henahan


Maureen Wong


Stephanie Severin

Susan Nilsson

Lauri Ingram (card closed)

Lauri Ingram


Linsey Rickett

Dawn Saenz de Viteri

Jeanette Tettiz

Joan Hajak

Lauri Ingram


Ellen Smith

Ellinor Bergdahl

Emmy Brannstrom

Eva Andren

Erin Atkins
Carolina Buchting
Carolina Buchting
Carolina Buchting


Even though this is a Starving Artistamps Company sponsored challenge we did open the challenge up to non-SA projects so everyone could play! Zarah's card features stamps designed by Nina! I thought it would be a fitting way to end this challenge in the same way the whole trend got started over here... With Nina Aslund, our first Swedish customer and pioneer of the Swedish collage style movement!

Nina's cards are such an inspiration to us. Her blog is wonderful (even if you do need a translator!) and this incredibly talented lady has also just finished her internship and is now a 100% full fledged DOCTOR! Everyone visit Nina's blog and congratulate her!!

We have had such a great turnout in both the states and over in Sweden including several friends who thought they would try out our challenge even though they do not own any Starving Artistamps stamps. Here are a whole bunch more cards and blogs for you to check out featuring other various company images:


Gunilla Molin

Julia Lundmark

Lina Kinell

Johanna Berg

Jennifer Love





I hope that I didnt leave anyone off who emailed us their cards, if we did please resend your projects to with a link to your blog post or gallery.

And now to announce the winner of our drawing chosen by random number generator......

Congratulations to Jeanette Tettiz!!!

Please email us your shipping information and which stamp sheet (or set) you would like!


Froggy said...

WOW, such an amazing bunch of cards!
Congrats Jeanette! :)

Zarah said...

YAY Tettiz! Congrats hunny!

I am in AWE... All these cards - they're ALL spectacular!! :D

Donna said...

how awesome are ALL these cards?! wow! Congrats to the winner!!

the Miss You Mimo belongs to Vanessa Yu

Nina said...

Wow, THANK YOU lovely Tracey for all those kind words about me! You're the best :)

And YEY! - Tettiz won!! I promise you, Jeanette is the sweetest English teacher in Sweden, EVER! ..and she's SOOO talented too! Congrats, honey!

Tettiz said...


Thank you sooo much - I never win on raffles, so I was SO surprised when one of my friends texted me and told me to go in here and read!!!


I will email you my details. Thanks a million!!

*dancing around*

Lauri said...

These cards are all amazing!!!! Love them!

Rose Ann said...

A huge congratulations to Tettiz!!!

Everyone's cards look so unique and amazing!! Great job everyone!!

emmy said...

weee!! gz tettiz!!!
And what a nice bunch of cards!

Linsey said...

OH what fun to see all of the outstanding Swedish collage creations! It was truly inspring and so much fun! I adore them all, but that one with the rainbow has got to be my favorite! :) So delightful! They all are and I had a blast playiing too! Congrats to Jeanette and thanks always to Tracey and SA for being so generous and getting our creative juices flowing! :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

Wow...great cards...

I just haven't had stamping time these days. But I sure want to try this design aesthetic!

Evelina/WIH said...

Tettiz rules, congrats to you hon'!

Rebecca said...

Congrats Tettiz!!! You did such a fantastic job!!! So did everyone else who participated!!!

Petraso said...

Yes tettzi!!!!

She is not only a fabulus card maker she a wonderful caring outfriend att manny swe forum!!!!
And i looking foward too see lot of df card from her!!!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?