Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We finished our last show of the season earlier this month on Long Island. Back in our own home state for our final show of 2008. Earlier in the week one of my most favorite of favorite customers surprised me with an incredible gift. It was a package sent all the way from Finland with three incredibly detailed, professionally designed cards from the internationally famous Swedish collage style rubber stamper Nina Aaslund. I didn't even have them for 5 days, but I wanted to show them off at the show.
If you have ever been to one of our shows you would know we set up a demonstration table where I demonstrate our NO Effort Mosaics all weekend. A couple of hours into the show I took a 5 minute bathroom break. Upon my return I was told by my husband to look for my seahorse card (the card I refer to in my demonstration as the "finished product" -a layered and embossed multi colored, multi patterned background of tiles. (we do not emboss or build finished cards at the booth due to time and mess). It was gone! He told me a customer had picked it up and was walking around with it. He could not leave the register and when I returned she was gone. Another customer was shopping and told me she was here and she also saw the woman walking around with the card.
That's when I noticed that not only was my most important demonstration card was gone but so was my beautiful Swedish collage cards I had displayed on the same table! I cant tell you how heartbroken I was to discover this theft. All the time and love that went into the making of theses cards far outweighs the price of the paper and ink. They had travel across an ocean and were loving shared with us by our generous friend. In addition to my cherished Nina cards we also had another card given to us by one of our designers Lori Tecler. It was a valentine card just in time for valentines day.
Perhaps the sticky fingered lady thought that walking off with samples is ok. Maybe she thinks its not stealing, but I assure you that taking other peoples property without asking is indeed theft.
All in all 4 cards were stolen from us.
We travel the country from state to state and I am sorry to say the only two times in all my years of doing shows that I have had projects stolen have been when I have been close to home. One of my previous designers Becky Oehlers made us a beautiful card box which was stolen in Pennsaulken, NJ and now these four cards taken not 20 minutes from where we live.
While I realize this is a little more personal than we normally are over here I wanted to post this for a few reasons. First to tell you that if you attend a show and think its OK to walk off with someone else's creative property I hope you think twice and second, I am hoping that whoever took our cards will have a change of heart and return them to us. (no questions asked)
These are our missing cards:

Published in Simply Sentiments Magazine
Square mosaic seahorse demonstration card:
Swedish Collage challenge card by Lori Tecler:
Nina Aaslund Swedish collage cards:

If found please return to:

Starving Artistamps

219 Feustal Street

West Babylon, NY 11704


Anne said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that the beautiful cards are returned quickly.

..... Carmen said...

I can't believe someone would do that, and those cards are awesome! I hope you get them back :)

Lara said...

OMGF, I am So sorry to hear that. It's absoultely terrible when someone steals from you, be it unintentional or not. I certainly hope that someone realizes the error of their ways and returns them back to you.

Zarah said...

I'm so sorry you had to go trhough that!! I really hope the person who took them will return them asap.

Lydia said...

I cannot believe someone would do that. I'm pretty sure they knew it wasn't okay.

I'm so sad for you - those are BEAUTIFUL. I had loved that bee card already and Ninas and the mosaic are stunning.

The little blue tree just squeezes my heart. :(

The Doodle Factory said...

oh no, not the beaver family! I think that's one of my favorite Nina cards (although every one she makes is a favorite, so I really can't say that).

Dawn Mercedes said...


Diane said...

I am so sorry someone would do that, its weird she was seen wondering around with them, I wonder if she thought they were "samples" to be taken, not knowing that they are only to LOOK at...how tragic for you, but it is also weird it happened as soon as you left the area and you hubby was busy, makes one think she might of known what she was doing after all! I hope they "return" to you, they are beautiful!

Vina said...

So sad to think that someone would take your cards without at least asking! Innocent or not, it's still wrong. I truly hope they read your blog & return them promptly. Take care.

Nina said...

Ugly thieves are everywhere.
Sweet Tracey - I've promised you new ones...and you know I always try to keep my promises!
In time, my friend..in time. :)

Sam said...

that is so sad, I do hope that you get them back. I don't quite know what makes people think that they can do things like that!!

Anthonette said...

That's so rude of this woman. How can she just take things off your table and think it's OK? I hope they get returned to you.

shadoob said...

just followed a link to your site...I am so sorry for you. That someone would steal from you..and something that was so important to you is so sad. I am sorry for you.
~ a fellow stamper