Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Release DoodleFactory Creatures II

Today's the day!

No April fool's joke to be had here, just some great new stamps to show off and even a set to give away! It is such a pleasure for us to introduce to you the newest addition to our DoodleFactory line DF Creatures II! You can find the new set available for purchase on our website: This has got to be one of our most anticipated new releases as our DoodleFactory Creatures is a much loved set by our customers. We have had so many requests for a sequel that we knew we had to do one or we might have a mutiny on our hands!

Our design team and special guests Nina Aaslund and Eva Andren have had the best time playing with these images and as a result we ended up with quite a big collection of cards to show off. Take a look at all these creations below and if that's not enough eye candy for you, we also have a whole lot more in our gallery!

Design by Eva Andren:

Holy cow there really WAS a monster hiding under the bed!

Meet Goonter:

Designed by Nina Aaslund:

Designed by me for Eva's Birthday:
Meet Flob and Gumbo

Designed by Donna Duquette:
Meet Zed, I'm sure you will find lots of use for this guy!

Meet Cappie
Designed by Dawn Barrett:

Meet Sprat, designed by Lydia Fiedler:

Can you tell Goonter was a DT favorite!

Designed by Dawn Barrett:

Designed by Jenn McMillan:

Meet Spinkle, designed by Lydia Fiedler:
It's the return of Flob!!
Designed by Nina Aaslund:

To find more inspiration visit our gallery:

To meet the rest of the new Creatures II images

To enter to win a complete set of the new DoodleFactory Creatures II release check out the new set on our website and then post a comment right here on this post telling us who your favorite new DoodleFactory Creatures II creature is your favorite! Make sure you leave a way to contact you in your comment if you are our winner.

The blog candy ends Midnight PST April 2nd, 2010. One entry per person.
The winner will be announced on or before April 4th 2010.


Shirl said...

Oh my, can I hv more than one favourite?? I thought Zed was really cute... then I saw Elbo and I liked him too!

Monica said...

Love them all, but my favourite is Cappie!! =)

Happy Easter!!!

Monica =)

Mari said...

Those are so cute! Love Gunter... but Clowd was my fave. He looks so very 'scream queen' with those dark circles under his eyes. :)

Karina said...

I am so happy that you have made new creatures.
I love ALL the new stamps!! A favorite?? That is absolutely not easy... I take ELBO.. I think ; ) : )
Gorgeous card you have made with the new stamps.

Neliz said...

OH MY GOSH! They are soooo darling frikking adorable!!
Im totaly inlove with Cappie, he looks so sad, and he would be very VERY happy to have a home here with me and the rest of his friends as well (of course):D
*Crossing my fingers harder then ive ever done before*

Tanya Rudd said...

I have to say Cappie is my favorite. Maybe because he looks so shy and nervous, and I just want to take care of him. LOL. WONDERFUL new set.

jannice said...

I loooove Cappie. He is so cute, I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him everywhere with me!
Imagine winning these lovely creatures, that would make my day!
Thanks for inspiring me!

Milla said...

Yay, the new Creatures are here!! And they look fab, just absolutely amazing! If I have to pick a favourite, it has to be Cappie. He looks so sweet and ever so slightly perplexed - love him! :)

Petraso said...

Wow what a set stamps!!! me Like!!!
Goonter is my favorit to!

big Hugs!

Stamp4hobby said...

Flob is my favorite. :) And I LOVE the sentiments in this set! They are perfect!!!

j*e*n said...

I love Zed! Sooo cute, and such a familiar pose (I have 3 kids, 5 & under...'nuff said, right?) :)

Pifa said...

Lovely stamps!!! I just love them all but if I have to choose a favorite it would have to be Spinkle, he's just so cute! I also love the comment "Everyone is someone else's weirdo" - it's awsome!
Pifa (

postal orphan said...

Elbo, definitely Elbo - although they are all terribly cute!

pojjo said...

YES YES YES YES i totaly in love.. *smile* I just love all of them but my favorit must be ZED. soooo CUTE :)
thanx for a wonderful hompage and inspiration.

KanataNewf said...

Love the entire new release - but Zed is without a doubt my favourite.

And if you need to reach me, you can find my email link on my blog

Sweetpz said...

oh my goodness! they are all so cute!!!
i like sprat the best.... but i'm sure i could be persuaded to like more than one! hehe

thanks for the chance to win!


Cheryl said...

Awwww, I love Elbo. He looks so eager to please.

You can contact me at elizgmom at yahoo dot com

shelly said...

I think my favorite is clowd. They are all so cute!!

Pegg S said...

Oh all the little creatures are so cute!! The samples are great!! I think my fav is Gumbo - he looks so happy and content :)

Jeanne said...

They are all adorable! But I have to say that FLOB is my favorite. What a happy little guy!

jeanne706 at gmail dot com

Kimberly S said...

I have to say that Clowd is so cute with that 'oops' look going on, but Zed runs a close second just because he is so funny! :) Great new set, and wonderful inspiration cards!

Kyel said...

My favourite is Elbo! He is soo cute and cuddly, and then again he might really be a little rascal hiding behind a cute face? You can almost see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes! Would so LOVE to own these wonderful new stamps!

Anki said...

Really hard to pick only one... but I surely can imagine Cappie sticking his head up in a lot of cards :-)

Happy Easter!

tonilea said...

Oh, MY!!! You have captured my husband and I with these creatures!!! DH is Cappie (love his hair) and I am Elbo. Looks just like me when I am tempted to eat something I shouldn't!!! These are perfect for so many cards/projects!

kc_froglady said...

Oh I love Cappie, and Gumbo and Goonter PLEASE PLEASE don't make me pick LOL! What fabulous creatures and I love what the DT has done with them too! Please do enter me ednkaryn @ gmail DOT com

Tracey B. said...

Posting for Anne B. who's favorite new creatures is Goonter

stamping sue said...

Sprat the little devil is my favorite but gootner & cappy run a good second and third. Great creatures.
stamping sue

SheenaB said...

Wow, that was a hard choice. I finally got it down to between Cappie or Zed but as the mother of a 10 year old boy, I have to say that Zed won. He could be used in so many ways that would appeal not only to the boys but some adults too.

GrammaR said...

I chuckled when I saw Goonter playing peek-a-boo. Then I saw Zed picking his nose, typical kid. But I think Sprat is my favorite. He looks so excited to be here. However....
The whole set is just too stinking cute! And that includes the sentiments.

kelley at sevenmilenursery dot com

Andrea said...

Love Elbo, what a cutie!!

Holley said...

For me, I gotta go with Clowd (though Flob is a pretty close second :)

Cheers, Holley

funkycrafter said...

Cappie is my favorite. With that please love me look of a puppy in a cage, who could resist?

Carol said...

They are all so cute and/or cool. I think my fav is Home and Garden, but who knows tomorrow I may change my mind! Hey, a girl is entitled to change her mind, right?

Carol B

Lesley said...

Goonter has got to be my favourite. Once I saw him jumping out from behind those curtains, I fell in love!!!

Maria Therese said...

my favourit must be gunter :)