Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Release today ~ DoodleFactory People!

Today's the day!

It's finally time to show off our two new DoodleFactory Collections, DoodleFactory Cutie Kids and DoodleFactory Sophisticates!

We are so excited to share them all with you. The design team has been having a blast making samples and I think everyone agrees these guys are going to be the type of images you reach for again and again. Sit them on our furniture, perch them on a ribbon, integrate them into a scene. These everyday versatile images are sure to be useful for a variety of occasions.

Here's a look at two fabulous cards by Jenn M. to start things off...

Images: Casey from DF Cutie Kids and sentiment from Boudoir sentiment set.

Image: Lizzy from DF Cutie Kids.

And now it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the ten newest characters in our DoodleFactory line...

DoodleFactory Cutie Kids:

DoodleFactory Sophisticates:

And as if that is not exciting enough...

Take a look at what our design team has come up with using the new images:

Designed by Tracey B.
Images used DoodleFactory Boudoir and Simone from DF Sophisticates.

Images: Owen from DF cutie kids and Here Kitty Kitty front door and classic decor sentiment.

Images Daphne from DF Sophisticates and Sentiments from boudoir sentiment set

Images: Casey from DF Cutie Kids and Fence from DoodleFactory Into the Woods set

Designed by Laura E.
Image: Penny from DF Sophisticates

Image Lizzy from DF Cutie Kids

Designed by Donna D.
Image: Lizzy from DF cutie kids

Image Casey from DF cutie kids

Designed by Dawn B.
Images: Casey from DF cutie kids, Large earth from DoodleFactory final frontier, sentiment from Uniquely U.

Images used: Owen from DF cutie kids, Sentiment from Uniquely U and Outline Bricks background

Images used: Olive from DF cutie kids, tree and leaves from Into the woods set, sentiment from Uniquely U, clouds from clouds set of 5.

Images: Lizzy from DF Cutie Kids, from DoodleFactory Classic Decor, sentiments from Uniquely U.

Designed by DoodleFactory Irene
Images: Penny from DF Sophisticates, Neighborhood from DoodleFactory Oh Baby!

Image: Daphne from DF Sophisticates

Look for more sample cards in our gallery over the next coming days.
Thank you for stopping by :o)


Andrea said...

Super cute T! They look great for coloring with Copics!

KanataNewf said...

Looks like another great release. And very nice to see them combined with earlier sets to show their versatility.

Stamp4hobby said...

Is there an option to buy them all on one sheet or do I have to buy them individually?