Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long live the Swedish!

Here it homage to our friends across the pond. Our very first international collection of sentiments! Its our way of saying thank you for your support and please join in on the fun with a collection of words and sentiments that you are sure to find useful. This sheet is already at the plate maker and should begin shipping on or before this coming tuesday.

A special thank you goes to the ever talanted and popular Nina for her help with not only the translations of some of our favorite sentiments into Swedish but also for her volunteering her time and creativity to offer other sentiments as well. THANK YOU!!

This sheet has over 75 words and phrases. It is 8 1/2 x 11 size uncut deeply etched red rubber. Several of the sentiments will coordinate with the DoodleFactory collections we have released.

But here is the coolest part.....

.... DRUM ROLL....

We are going to give away the first sheet of Swedish sentiments FREE in our first ever INTERNATIONAL BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY!!! (((((APLAUSE)))))

OK so what do you have to do? Its simple... you have to do 2 things.

FIRST, you need to promise you will SPREAD THE WORD and tell every swedish stamper you know that we are running a blog candy giveaway and second,

POST A COMMENT TO THIS THREAD and tell us what sentiment is your favorite!

On Monday we will draw a random winner and they will get this sheet sent to them FREE OF CHARGE!

Make sure you leave your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner! (if you forget to leave me a way to contact you then I will be forced to pick a different winner, and neither of us want that to happen do we!?)

But dont worry, if you dont win you can still purchase your stamp sheet on our website or thru Jane's store ScrapAddicted in Loberod, Sweden. She is now selling our DoodleFactory line and will soon be carrying the new sentiment sheet!

I know what you guys here in the USA are thinking.... Im leaving you out right? NOPE, not true. I promised you a blog candy and you are going to get one. We have TWO NEW TROPIC SETS of sentiments heading to the plate maker tomorrow! Tomorrow night I will load the new sets to the blog for you to check out. And on TUESDAY I will post the blog candy and its going to be GOOOOOOOD!!! So stay tuned!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Ooh! I can not wait! Thanks for the chance to win some of your stamps!

Bunny B said...

I've blogged you HERE to keep my end of the promise :P

My fave sentiment is JIPPIE!


bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Emmy said...

im first? :)
hmm.. i love all of them..
but i think "finns här några snälla barn?" is my favourite!
can't w8 to get started on this years xmas cards! :)
Nina is great!
And u guys rock!


ulrika_m said...

Oh ... my ... God! I think I just peed a little in my pants, I'm soooo happy! We have really missed a good set of sentiments in Swedish, and these are just so lovely! I want them! NOW! My absolute favourite must be "Du rockar mina sockar", I can think of ten cards where I will need exactly these words! :) Please, pretty please, let me be the lucky winner! If so, you can contact me at ulrika.macgregor [at]

Anne said...

My favourite is:
Inte vacker men sällsynt.

I can already think of stamps to go with it.


abackman66 [at]

lindatruedsson said...

Wow!!! A set in swedish - just as you promised!
I will have to say that I got two favorites, and can't choose one over the other:

*Du rockar mina sockar
*Inte vacker men sällsynt

Tack Nina - om du läser det här - du är Doodle factorys okrönta svenska drottning
(translation Thanks Nina - if you read this - you are the swedish uncrowned queen of Doodle Factory)


Muffin said...

Wow, these are great!! I MUST have them! I think my favorite is probably "hej, hej, hemskt mycket hej" because it's so dorky and very useful. I promise I will tell everybody....

Bellis said...

Wohoo!! I would love to win :-)!
My favourite sentiment is : "Våga vara annorlunda"

yngla said...

This is so cool! My favourite is "vild och vacker"!

Petraso said...

Ingen morgon människa!
Is my favorit!
Love your stamps and i fabolus what you do swedish an NIna She what we say in Swedish -Rockar Fett!!! and you too....8 pleae ask Nina about translait what i Said:)

Lillemor Engdahl said...

Wow, just what i`ve been looking for! A set with different phrases for my cards, perfect for a cardmaker like me! Now I´ll just have to hold my tumbers and wait...

uniquelyme said...

Lovely! My favourite is "du rockar mina sockar". I think that's a fabulous translation and a sentiment I could use often.


erica said...

Wow, a set of swedish sentiments. That is really awesome! My fave sentiment has to be "Inte vacker men sällsynt". It's just great ;D.

Flisa73 said...

I would like to join the groupe of swedish stampers who are loking forward too win.

Muffin said...

This is so great - I would love to win!! I have already talked about this on my blog, so that part of the deal is done. It's really hard to pick a favorite since all of them are so neat, but I think "hej, hej, hemskt mycket hej" is my choice - it's sooo dorky and quite useful. I still can't believe that your making stamps in swedish...=o)

Dani said...

Would be nice to win these greate stamps. Right now I have only 5 in my possesion ;-)

Veronica said...

Just love MÅSTE...HA..KAFE...NU!
Will be perfect on a card for my mother =)

Asksvart said...

Hi! What a chance to win your stamps!
I have write about this blogg in my blogg

My best feeling are happines.

Mia said...

Oh my, I want it all!!!! Okey, my favorite sentiment is Var é tårtan - Where´s the cake!!!! Just lovet it!

And now I will spread the word about your blogg and the blogcandy!!! Where - on my favorite scrapbooking community in Sweden of course

miasnyamail [@]

dilorf said...

Oh! I love this phrases!! Great job! I would really LOVE to win them.. :D

My fav. is "Puss på Nosen" but there is many more.. This looks like a really useful sheet.. :D

My mail is: maritha[at]

Mirch Kudi said...

Just recently been bitten by the stampin bug and have been reading as much as a I can these last few days and hopping between blogs...would love to win a stamp set to start of my new hobby...

My fav. phrase is 'Hurra!' since the Euro Cup is in full swing and the phrase relates so much to that!


jenny/e.j.m said...
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Emelie said...

I love all of them, but my favourite is "våga vara annorlunda".


jenny/e.j.m said...

They lokoked great the swedish sentiments. A lots of perfects sentiments for both cards and layouts.
My favorites are Tack för att du finns". Cross my fingers and hope to win!

My email:jennys-kreativasida(at)

Anonymous said...

MÅSTE...HA...KAFFE..NU must be my favourite! Have that feeling almost every morning...

NetteR said...

Hope to win :) My favorite is "Våga vara annorlunda" If I win you can contact me at ouc [at]

trent said...

These were just perfect, absolutely perfect! My favourite sentiment is "inte vacker men sällsynt" but there were a bunch of other really funny and useful ones as well. I had a hard time choosing but fell for this one.

trent [at]

lenislenis said...

I would love to win your stamps so now I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Landstoken said...

Wow, that sounds great. I would love to win the stamps.
I will spread the word for you.
Have e nice day!

Sanna F said...

Inte vacker men sällsynt was a funny one!!!

Scrapjo said...

I looove "vilsen utan dig" and I would be so happy to win this!! I definatley will spread the word on the forums I am active in, and to all others I can think of! I have a very small collection of stamps and would be thrilled to get the chance to win. If I am lucky to do so, please contact me at marabou_girl85[at]

malin said...

oh my... this is nice :) i love them all but... i think my favvo is "våga vara annorlunda" - dare to be different :) byebye

Sabina said...

These are just great!!
Here in Finland (yes, we also speak swedish :D ) it´s very difficult to find sentiment stamps in swedish.
I like all of the sentiments but i think my favorite is "tycker om dej". I really do hope I win this.. :P


Tesa said...

I just love the stamp and my favourite is: Våga vara annorlunda.

Nina said...

Wow!! Thank you Tracey for having this giveaway - so very generous of you!

First, I have to say THANK YOU all for your sweet comments about me, it really warms my heart. ♥

Makes me all giggly to see how popular these Swedish sentiments seem to be. I cannot pick a favourite sentiment, but
"Och så levde de lyckliga i alla sina dagar" is probably the one I'm going to use first - I need it for a wedding card! ;)

Tracey - You don't have to enter my name for the competition, but of course I'm going to do my best to spread the word anyway!

Cecilia said...

I like "Vild och vacker"! Promise to spreed this to the world... :-)


Dolores said...

OMG! I like them all but I´ll have to choose "Du rockar mina sockar!" :)
Best regards / Åsa aka Dolores


Line said...

Wow! Such cool stamps. Just love 'em!
My favourite is "Våga vara annorlunda" (dare to be diffrent)

Sara said...

My favourite is "VÅGA VARA ANNORLUNDA". :)

Line said...

Wow! Such cool stamps. Just love 'em!
My favourite is "Våga vara annorlunda" (dare to be diffrent)


Tjohalia said...

Tack för att du finns, is my favourite. Says a lot and can not be said too often.

ANNAANNA said...

I love the frase "I dag är hela världen dum, kom så rymmer vi". Thats a rubberstamp I know for sure I´d have loads of use for.


lundstromanna(at) said...

Absolutely amazing ! Why hasn't the swedes made something like this....? My favourite is: "Idag är världen dum, kom så rymmer vi", because normally the phrases on stamps are so sweet and cute, but this one really explains that it isn't like that always, in a short, cathing way.

Inola said...

Great stamps! I found several sentiments that I haven't seen on stamps before - so I just love this sheet. I will most certainly spread the word about this news :-D

Julle said...

"Tiden bara flyger iväg!" is my favourite. But they're all great! Very useful stamps :D

Nina said...

I like the "Inte vacker men sällsynt" as it feels like very much "me"!

Annie said...

This is great!!

My favourite is : "Tack för att du finns". I think this is something that we should say more often to eachother... Don´t you think so to?


Inola said...

Great stamps! I even found a few sentiments that I have never seen on stamps before. The one I like the most is "En liten fågel viskade". Good luck!

Nina said...

This is soooo perfect! And all of the sentiments are really useful if you ask me, but my absolute favourite is Du rockar mina sockar.

Karin B said...

Oh, they look great! My favourite is
"Du rockar mina sockar". Cross my fingers and hope to win!

Susanne said...

Jippie! It's almost inbelivable... Swedish textstamps on the other side of the pond :)

I've blogged about it here


my e-mail is

Kreativa Kat! said...

My favourite is
Idag är världen dum...kom så rymmer vi...

Fantastic sentiments, I really like them alot.

Pernilla said...

I would love to have these stamps! My favorite is Du rockar mina sockar!

Morfen said...

Oh I love this - Idag är världen dum. Kom så rymmer vi!

I've put a link in my blog absout this contest.
/Anna -

VeronikaP said...

This one is my favourite:
Tro - hopp - kärlek
för evigt och för alltid.

This was really great - a nice set of useful words!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!. "En liten fågel viskade" that you should look at this blog. You can win magical words for you`r cardmaking. So i did. and the words are spredding like the wind from blog to blog. Love Christine.

Kajsa said...

"MÅSTE...HA...KAFFE...NU!" is my favourite. The thing is I don't even drink coffe, but I have plenty of friends who are addicted, so that stamp will be used frequently!

Anna said...

Just say cool!!

Våga vara annorlunda is my favourite!

Summer hug Anna

Therese said...

wow! they are looovely!
I can´t choose between
* Du rockar mina sockar
* Och så levde de lyckliga i alla sina dagar

the last one would be great to have this summer because my friend is getting married! there is no end to what you can do with theese stamps! Cross my fingers and hope for a lot of luck!


Johanna said...

love them!
specially "idag är världen dum.kom så rymmer vi" sooo sweeet!!

hope to win this supercool stamps!!

DjSmurf said...

My favourite is:
Våga vara annorlunda

Evelina said...

Oh my goodness, I just NEED these stamps! ♥

My favorite, though hard to choose just one, is Du rockar mina sockar [YOU ROCK MY SOCKS] *lol*

Of course I'll spread the word, here's a crosslink:

Sanna said...

"Och så levde de lyckliga i alla sina dagar" is my favourite!

And of course I'll spread the word.

/ Sanna -> bons[at]

Linda (Gulligullan) said...

A really nice set with swedish sentiments!! My favorite is "Tro * Hopp * Kärlek"

I have spread the word through my blog

Simone said...

I have been waiting for this a long time. I'm hoping to win or else my purse will be very light very soon
my favourite sentiment is:Grattis till nya slottet!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

My favorite is
Puss på nosen

Nina H said...

Jippie! At last!

My favourite would be
"Du är sååå BRA!"

I will now rush to my forums and shout! :-)

nina.hallin at gmail dot com

Anki said...

Love this stamps.
Want them.
Neeeed them.

Zarah said...

Word will most definitely be spread - as it is already spreading with the speed of light regarding the cute cute dood(l)es you make! ;)
That being said -shopohoplics lkike me just can't help but chat about these things!

*does a happy dance*

/Camilla said...

OMG!! I have just bought about 80 of your stamps from ScrapAddicted and I will definitely need this sheet too!! My favorite sentiments are "Du rockar mina sockar" (never heard that expression before, but I really love love it) and "Puss i påsk".

Elisa said...

My favourite is "bättre sent än aldrig" and this is really suitable as I am late to see this and to take part... Better late than never!

Imma said...

Wow, I REALLY hope I´m not too late. I REALLY want theese stamps, I soo love them! My favourite sentiment is "Var e´ tårtan?"
Love/ Imma

annkan said...

Me too! I want them, I want them!!

And how can you choose ONE favourite? Well, one of them is

"Du rockar mina sockar"

...but I can see plenty of them on my cards. ;-)

I have no blog, but I will tell people about it anyway.*promise*

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! i wish i win the stamps. I like them!


Sofia said...

I really like "Du rockar mina sockar"

Malin Dahl said...

Lovely sentences! I think my favourite is "Du rockar mina sockar"

I'm lookin forward to find this at scrapaddicted soon!


Rimna said...

My favorit is: Idag är världen dum kom vi rymmer.

i hope i´m not to late!

ℓιи∂α said...

Omg.. I just HAVE to have these! :D My fav sentiment is Inte vacker men sällsynt, and Ive kept my part of the deal by blogging you here ;)

Veronica said...

Who wants to miss a chans to win this??
I dont but maybe i´m too late....
take a chans anyway!
My favorite is "må".

Mien said...

I like the phrase: Våga vara annorlunda. I have spreed the word about this in my blog, (in Swedish).

You can contact me in my blog.

Ulrika said...

Wow! Just love them all!
But if i have th choose one its
hej, hej, hemskt mycket hej

Benita said...

WOW, this is just what I need. WORDS!!!! I like "Bättre sent än aldrig!" the best. It always comes in handy.

carina said...

WOW!! I love them all!!
But.... I think my favourite is "du rockar mina sockar!" To funny=)


Michaela Lejonberg Hjorth said...

Oh! So nice!

My favorite sentiment is "ingen morgonmänniska" -thats me!!!

I´d like "våga vara annorlunda" to!

Have a nice day!
Hugs Michaela

Henrietta said...

Wonderful stamps!! My favourite is "Rockar mina sockar"

Jennie {Deleelsia} said...

Love your stamps.

Favorit: JIPPIE!

Karolina/karehed said...

I love these stamp! My favorutie is: "Inte sällsynt men vacker"


Anne said...

Puss på nosen is definitely my favorite :) Very cute!

petra/paradise said...

WOOOOOW!! LOVELLY LOVELLY LOVELLY!!!! *jumping up and down*
My absolute favourite is "inte vacker men sällsynt" (my husband use to say that to me..) *hihi*


Many hugs and a BIG THANK YOU!!!! =D

kicken said...

i don´t know if i are to late for this competition, but here can you see that i have link

And my favourite is "var é tårtan?"

Kramizzz Kicken

karin e said...

My favourite:
Idag är världen dum. Kom så rymmer vi!

Patricia Hagholm said...

I love the stamps. All of them are very useful.

My favourite text is "vild och vacker".

Have a nice day

Susanne H said...

LOVLEY stamps!!
My favourite is absolutley "Fika?"



Malin said...

Oooh! I would love to win the swedish stamps!!! I´m telling all my friends to!!


Ann said...

This was great!!
My favourite sentiments is
Jag tror på jultomten..
I don´t have a blogg, so i´m going to tell about you on my frieds blogg!
Now, just hoping for luck to come to me.

Hugs Ann

sussig said...

Wohoo!! I would love to win :-)!
My favourite sentiment is : "Du rockar mina sockar"

sussig said...

Wohoo!! I would love to win :-)!
My favourite sentiment is : "Du rockar mina sockar"

Hugs //

Tinto said...

Wohooooo! What a great idea, thanx Nina and starvingartists!

"Idag är världen dum. Kom så rymmer vi!" is my favourite!!

// spleen.och.ideal @

Milla said...

Wow!I love them! My favorite is " Tro Hopp Kärlek"

Jenny_U said...

My favourite phrase is "må!", because that is so me! :-)

Can't wait to hear the winners name is the e-mail address

Cornelia said...

My favourite is "Ja, må du leva uti HUNDrade år" because I´m a Dog Lover and HUND = DOG in Swedish... I can see a lot of funny cards I would like to do with that stamp!

Thank you for the chance to win!

Liv said...

My favourite is: "Våga vara annorlunda"


AnkieG said...

Hmm, difficult but my favorite is " du är söt", because my husband says it every day to me...

Catta said...

As the true coffeaddict I am, I have to choose
Wonderful with swedish words, a must have! I've spread the word thru my blog


Veronica said...

My favourite is "Du är sååå BRA"



hannahoj said...

My favourite sentiment is : "Bättre sent än aldrig"

Kåtaliden said...

My favourite is:
Kom så rymmer vi
I realy love all of them!!!

Ulrica said...

My favourite is
våga vara annorlunda

i would love to win those stamps because I am a swedish woman living in France and all the other swedes that also lives here wants to have cards with swedish sentenses on and these are perfect

evelina said...

It took me a few minutes to decide but here goes - my favourite sentiment is "Var é tårtan".

I'm gonna spread the word on my blog and hope for some luck!!

my mail:

Milla said...

Lowely and useful stamps.
My favourite would be:

våga vara annorlunda

Have a nice day

Ulrica said...

My favorite is: "Vad skulle jag göra utan dig?"

Marie said...

I love manny of them! But My favorit sentiment is "Världens finaste" You can use it very much!

Have a nice day!

Nina said...

My favourite is: "Idag är världen dum, kom så rymmer vi!" Very useful!

annica said...

Oh, I´d like to win these marvellous stamps. My favourite is "hej hej hemskt mycket hej", a phrase that everyone sang when I was a child.

Anonymous said...

My favourite must be:

"finns här några snälla barn?"

Love them all but this one the most!!
I rearely win anything but you must take a chance, right!


Stinne said...

My fav must be -DU er en solstråle...

Lovely stamps

Marie said...

Oh, they look great! My favourite is
"Du rockar mina sockar". That's a lovely translation =)


Christine said...

Do I have to choose just one!?
Love them, but especially; Idag är världen dum... kom så rymmer vi!

Keep my fingers crossed!
Thank you!

Sara - SaGam said...

en liten fågel viskade is my favourite!

uve said...

Wow, I need them all!!! But "Var é tårtan" is so cool.

Anonymous said...

"Läget?" is my favourite! Can be used at all times!

Have a nice day!
karin_moldin [at]

Tiggymon said...

This one is a winner!: Må! I love this sheet. It's a must have.


Marie said...

I just LOVE this sheet of stamps. I think my favorite is "Var é tårtan?", but there are so many clever ones, it wasn't an easy pick!

Hope I'm not too late!

DrAnnika said...

I really really like the expression "Du rockar mina sockar"! ANd the Måste ha kaffe nu!

I have seen this competition in a number of sweidsh blogs now and will write a little note in mine as well!!


Anonymous said...

Hey. Hvilken chance. KH 10na

~:Johanna:~ said...

Really nice stamps. Do you know when they will arrive to Scrapaddicted?

// johanna Sweden

Anonymous said...

My favorit Jag tror på tomten and du är en ängel
Hope I'm not too late

Monica M said...

Wonder if i´m too late - depens on wich monday... well, i´ll give it a try =)
my favourite? Du rockar mina sockar!!!

Anna said...

My fovourite is Hej! I use that phrase on many cards.

Carola said...

Wow! How great with swedish words :D.
My favourite is " Våga vara annorlunda". Love it.
This is just so great!

I have linked to you in my blog.

My email:

Annika said...

Wow, my favorite is "Du är en solstråle"!

Anki said...

Great with swedish words :D.
My favourite is " Världens finaste". Love it.
This is just so great!

Angelica said...

Wow! ;) Love the stamps. My favourite must be "en liten fågel viskade" 'cause you can use that stamp together with most of the others or "Våga vara annorlunda" 'cause that's such a great quote. Dare to be different, everyone!

Agneta said...

Våga Vara Annorlunda or Inte vacker men sällsynt should be perfect in my stamp-collection (as the rest of the set of course :) ).

If I don't win, I think I'll buy :)

Anne-Lie said...

These sentiments are absolutely awesome! Even though I teach Swedish here in Sweden, I've never ever heard the phrase: "Du rockar mina sockar" and I LOVE IT! I'll be using it from now on ;o)
I'm spreading the news about your great stamps on one of the larger web-sites:, and also on my blogg:

and I hope I'm the lucky on to recieve these great staps!

Monica said...

I linked, I linked!!!!

Here yah go:

Thanks for chance to win some super awsome sets!



"that's the best booty I've ever seen!" - Do I ever have an idea to use that (sentiment?haha!) on a card! So please pick me to be the lucky winner. Will spread the word to my stamping friends via emails! Nelda in TN
nelda mc765 @ charter .net (w/o the spaces)

Anonymous said...

How unique are those beach stamps. I've never been more than 2 miles from and ocean and now I'm in the desert in Arizona! Hot, just like your stamps and blog.Good Luck

annmari said...

I love to win those stamps
My favourite sentiments is Våga vara annorlund

Sofia said...

i love "ohoj din landkrabba" and I would really like to win the stamps.

Love, Sofia

Hanna said...

My favourite is "Var e tårtan?" It could be really nice cards with that sentiment!
I blogged about you.

Gry Wenche said...

Cool that you made all theese sentiments in swedish... Will they also come in norwegian ???
Some of my favourite sentiments are: "Våga vara annorlunda" "Tack for at du finns" and "Fika?"...

There is a lot of cards in my mind, with your sentiments on... :-D

Like your blogcandy!!!

Regards from Miss Nomore